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AIM has been providing barley juice powder since 1982.
Without exception, american image marketingBarleyLife is the best for quality and price.
Nutrition our Bodies Crave but seldom get. BarleyLife contains concentrated naturally occurring plant nutrients: enzymes, chlorophyll, amino acids(protein), vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and scores of phytochemicals.
Over 30 years of user tested good results.
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(with kelp)

Highly Recommended by Many
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BarleyLife 12.7oz Info

BarleyLife Xtra Info

From OrganicallyGrown Barley Leaves
Experience the difference or your money back!

  12.7oz powder $51.50       6-Pack $294
  6.35oz powder $31.50       6-Pack $174
  280 vegan caps $42.50      6-Pack $240
  12.7oz BarleyLife Xtra $55.50   6-Pack $318
Cocoa Leaf Greens
Awesome tasting chocolate
Leaf Greens
  6.84oz Pwdr $41.50           6-Pack $234
Just Carrots
buying tip
  14.1oz powder $41.50        6-Pack $234
buying tip
  8.8oz powder $35.50         6-Pack $198
Garden Trio
BarleyLife, JustCarrots, RediBeets Powders
money saver - buying tip
  powder $121.00
  powder with BarleyLife Xtra $125.00
  120 Capsules $29.50       6-Pack $162
BioVivify info
  60 Capsules $33.50         6-Pack $186
CalciAIM CalciAIM info
  14.1oz powder $35.50      6-Pack $198
CellSparc 360
  30 Gel Capsules $35.50   6-Pack $198
  60 Capsules $21.00         6-Pack $111
Cranverry +
Inhibits Urinary Tract & Candida Infections
  60 Vegan Caps $25.50     6-Pack $138
Fit'n Fiber
Peach fit'n fiber info
Orchard Peach
  16 oz powder $39.50         6-Pack $222
  60 Capsules $32.50         6-Pack $180
Frame Essentials

great for the joints
  120 capsules $28.50       6-Pack $156
GarlicAIM info
  90 Capsules $24.00        6-Pack $129
  30 Capsules $27.50        6-Pack $150
  60 Capsules $22.50        6-Pack $120
Herbal Fiberblend
Recommended by many !!
buying tip
Veggie Capsules !
  13oz Raspberry pwdr $38.50   6-Pack $216
  13oz Unflavored pwdr $38.50   6-Pack $216
  280 Vegan Capsules $41.50   6-Pack $234
Herbal Release
Digestive and Lymph Health
  60 Capsules $22.50           6-Pack $120
Cell Wellness Restorer (CWR)
buying tip
Topical Mangnesium
  CWR 12 oz Bottle $11.50      6-Pack $60
  90 Capsules $23.50           6-Pack $126
Peak Endurance
Blueberry/Acai energy drink mix
with PEAK ATP®
  10.6oz(300g) Pwdr $40.50   6-Pack $228
  100 Capsules $27.50         6-Pack $150
Proancynol 2000
  60 Capsules $32.50           6-pack $180

Propeas Info
  16oz powder $41.50           6-Pack $234


  60 softgel caps $31.50       6-Pack $174
Renewed Balance
contains progesterone
buying tip
  2oz jar $32.50                   6-Pack $180

Money Saver Combo Packs

Body Booster
Garden Trio and Raspberry Herbal Fiberblend powders
save $15 over individual prices

  Body Booster 1  $152     

Body Booster XTRA
Garden Trio w BarleyLife XTRA and Raspberry Herbal Fiberblend powders
save $16 over individual prices

  Body Booster XTRA $155

Sports Pack Combo
1 Peak Endurance, 1 ProPeas, 1 RediBeets
save $9.50 over individual prices

  Sports Pack Combo $108
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BarleyLife | Herbal Fiberblend | Renewed Balance | Hallelujah Diet | Women's Health
Ordering | Buy Direct - No Fees | Income Opportunity | About AIM | Home
BarleyLife, barley life, barley green powder, herbal fiberblend, fiberblend, colon cleansing, women's health, natural progesterone, hallelujah diet, barleygreen
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