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Hallelujah Diet - Why BarleyLife
With God All things are Possible!

Note: AIM Barleygreen was replaced in 2002 with AIM BarleyLife. BarleyLife is more affordable and has a higher nutritional content. More for your money.

By George Malkmus

My first exposure to barley juice powder was in 1988 when a friend brought me a jar and started telling me how wonderful it was. At the time I was growing my own wheatgrass and juicing it daily. In fact, I had been juicing wheatgrass for approximately two years before being introduced to barley juice powder, and had been consuming it along with my carrot juice each and every day.

When first introduced to AIM Barleygreen I was very skeptical that a green POWDER could do for me what freshly extracted wheatgrass JUICE had been doing, so gave it little attention until after my friend departed. She left behind a book, along with that jar of AIM Barleygreen. It was only after reading the book 'Green Leaves of Barley' by Dr. Mary Ruth Swope that I became interested. And the thing that perked my interest was not all the good things the book had to say about Barleygreen, but the TESTIMONIES from so many people experiencing improvements in their health after starting to use it.

So I decided to personally give it a try. The only way I knew to give it a fair trial was to stop taking my daily wheatgrass juice and switch to the AIM Barleygreen. Well, within a matter of days after starting the barley juice powder, I noticed I could jog longer, with more energy and less fatigue. I couldn't believe that this green POWDER could do more for me than the fresh wheatgrass JUICE had been doing, but it did, and so conveniently. So I switched to AIM Barleygreen right then and there, and I have been consuming it ever since with absolutely fabulous results. In fact, I consider it the single most important food I have put into my body each and every day, as does Rhonda also.

It is because of its PROCESSING! After Dr. Hagiwara's research some thirty years ago revealed that within the humble blade of barley grass was the greatest concentration of nutrients he could find on planet earth, his work had just begun. His next challenge was how to get the nutrients from the cells of the plant to the cells of the body without losing them, because all nutrients start to oxidize when exposed to air. (You can actually see this oxidation take place when an apple is cut in half and exposed to the air.)

He would grow the barley organically and run the leaves through a juicing machine, but almost immediately oxidation would begin and the nutrients would start to be lost. It took him several years and involved two patented processes to stop the oxidation and develop a means of keeping the nutrients alive.

The following will give you an idea of how he accomplished this:
Properly processed barley juice powder is a live, naturally potent, organically-grown food produced from the juice extracted from young barley leaves when they are ten to fourteen inches in height. But after the juice is released from the fiber it becomes very fragile and unstable, subject to oxidative decomposition threatening the enzymes, vitamins and chlorophyll. To stabilize and preserve the juice, it is spray-dried onto a water-soluble, complex carbohydrate (not a sugar), in this case, maltodextrin. Derived from corn, the maltodextrin replaces the role formerly held by the plant fiber and keeps the nutrients from oxidizing. The advantage is that maltodextrin dissolves in water, unlike plant fiber, allowing the nutrients to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream within minutes, without going through the digestive process.

Using a patented spray-drying method, the juice is then dried at ROOM TEMPERATURE in approximately two seconds. This non-heating, non-freezing process captures the nutrients in the juice without damaging them, resulting in a bright green powder rich in vitamins, minerals, live enzymes, chlorophyll and protein. Small amounts of brown rice and kelp are then added to the barley leaf juice. The brown rice helps to stabilize the powder, while the kelp is an excellent source of trace minerals missing in the average diet. Because of this unique patented processing, AIM Barleygreen remains a raw product, in powdered form, with enzymes still intact, for three to five years!

Barley juice powder has never healed anyone of anything--nor can it. In fact, there is not a drug, carrot juice, Barley leaf juice, or any other substance on planet earth that can heal anyone of anything. The only thing that can heal our bodies is our bodies themselves. And this happens only when we bring about conditions conducive to healing so that the body can do what God designed it to do.

Drugs do not heal, they only mask symptoms, and usually create new problems, for which more drugs are often necessary. TRUE HEALING takes place only when we stop putting into our bodies that which created the problem in the first place, and start putting into the body the nutrients the body needs to heal itself. Barleygreen and carrot juice supply the body with materials for the rebuilding of the immune system and essential organs more rapidly than any other substances of which I am aware.


Barley juice powder is concentrated nutrition; only the fiber has been removed. Then the juice has been reduced to a powder through a special process which keeps it alive. When liquid is added to the powder, the enzymes become activated and within minutes after consuming them these nutrients are in the bloodstream, feeding the cells while building the immune system and essential organs.

Carrot juice and barley juice powder are the reason for the rapid results people experience on the Hallelujah Diet. And this is one of the primary reasons that within six months or less, from the time a person makes the diet change that we teach, over 90% of all physical and even emotional problems are gone. You see, the body has within it not only the ability to rebuild itself when given the proper building materials, but also the ability to heal itself of almost anything that ails it. This self-healing mechanism was placed there by God at creation and has been passed down to each one of us through our genetic coding.

So, first, if we want to get well, or stay well, we stop putting into our bodies the toxic foods that have been causing harm (all animal products, sugar, salt, white flour, and caffeine). Then we start putting into our bodies the raw building materials the Lord designed our bodies to run on, especially in the form of concentrated raw vegetable juices, and the miracle usually follows.

"Barley juice powder makes such a difference because it is a whole food. A food such as barley juice powder should not be recognized by discussing only the amount of vitamins and minerals. The era of focusing on a single vitamin or mineral is gone in the field of the most vanguarded research, and much more attention is being focused on biological phenomena."

--Yoshihide Hagiwara, M.D., inventor of BARLEYGREEN

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