Hallelujah Diet - God Chose the Simple Things!
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Hallelujah Diet - What to Eat
With God All things are Possible!
Foods that Nourish and Heal Our Body
By George Malkmus

In the May 1993 issue of Back to the Garden, in an article titled " God's Original Diet, I emphasized that the ideal diet for man is raw fruits and vegetables. This opinion is based on my 17 years of scientific and nutritional research, Biblical study and the personal experiences of myself and others who have tried this diet. Much of what I say may sound radical to some, but why should any Christian be surprised to find that modern science and personal experience have confirmed that "God's Original Diet" of raw fruits and vegetables (see Genesis 1:29) is the ideal diet for mankind?

It has now been almost 17 years since I switched from a diet that was predominately made up of the five white substances previously listed, which caused me to have serious teeth and gum problems, hemorrhoids, hypoglycemia, high blood pressure, severe sinus and allergy problems, frequent colds, headaches, pimples, body odor, dandruff, low energy... and colon cancer at age 42! In 1976, at age 42, I switched to a totally raw vegetarian / fruitarian diet with large amounts of freshly extracted vegetable juices. In fact, for one year I never ate a piece of cooked food. During that year, not only did my colon cancer go away, but so did every other physical problem I had!

After that first year, I added some cooked food to my diet. Presently, my diet consists of approximately 85 percent raw foods, with the balance made up of freshly prepared cooked vegetarian food.

I eat no meat, no dairy, no sugar and no white flour products, and haven't for 17 years! My diet is usually raw until the conclusion of the day, with my only cooked food -- if any at all -- coming at the end of the evening meal.

The reason one should maintain at least a 75- to 85-percent ratio of raw foods is that when food is cooked, almost all its nutritional value is destroyed. All enzymes are destroyed by cooking. Approximately 83 percent of all vitamins are destroyed by cooking and the heat changes protein into a form that can not be assimilated. Cooking also reduces the organic minerals our body needs into an inorganic, unusable form.

In addition to diet, a lifestyle that includes exercise is an essential element to healthy living. I almost always do stretching exercises, deep breathing exercises and at least an hour of aerobic exercise each day. This diet and lifestyle has sustained me in perfect health with high energy for 17 years now!

The Bible says: "Bless the Lord... Who heals all your diseases; who redeems your life from destruction... Who satisfies your mouth with good things; so that your youth is renewed like the eagles." (Psalms 103: 1-5)

from Issue No. 2 of Back to the Garden

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