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Helping Ourselves By Helping Others

Hilton and Edna Smith

Making a difference in people’s lives—physically, spiritually, or financially—that’s what keeps Hilton and Edna Smith so enthusiastic about their AIM business and AIM products. That’s why they chose "to be a shepherd to those in need" as their mission statement, and that’s why they are so thankful to the Great Shepherd who meets their needs every day. "It is mind-boggling to see how many lives have been touched through our organization," explain the Smiths. "Each Member doing their part, whether big or small, has resulted in reaching many more lives than we could ever have reached by ourselves. We consider it an honor and a privilege to be ‘In Partnership for Life.’ "

Coming from an agricultural background, the Smiths saw first-hand that soil and animal feed grown in it were depleted of nutrients. When supplementation became a necessity to produce a balanced ration for the cattle, it made sense to supplement their own diets as well.

"We started to study the role that nutrition should play in our lives and began working with another multilevel marketing company that sold quality supplements," explains Edna. "When Dr. John Shewfelt, now our sponsor, introduced us to Barleygreen, we flatly refused, believing all our nutritional needs were being met. But God had a plan for our lives, and Barleygreen was to be a part of it. Another chiropractor recommended that my sister use Barleygreen to strengthen her system as she went through radiation treatments. It was my sister’s experience that sold me on Barleygreen."

In November 1987, Edna signed up as an AIM Member with the idea that she could help more people with the products from both companies. When they began hearing from Barleygreen users reports like, "I feel alive again after feeling dead for so long," it became obvious that AIM was the only way to go. They have built their business as a team even though Hilton hasn’t been involved full-time until recently.

The Smiths can’t help but marvel at how their lives have changed. "Becoming AIM Members was the best decision we ever made," says Hilton. "The changes in our lifestyle can be summed up in one word—freedom! We are free to set our own goals, free to work when and how we choose, free to travel and take holidays when we want, and free from financial pressure and concerns about retirement income. Coupled with this freedom, we have enjoyed the tremendous satisfaction of helping others. The cattle never thanked me for supplementing their diet, but we hear almost daily from people who have benefited from AIM products. Now instead of ‘hay days’ we have ‘Barleygreen days’."

The Smiths’ travels have been enhanced by trips they have won to AIM conventions and other locations throughout the years. The most thrilling part for Hilton and Edna is to have their downline succeeding and joining them at AIM celebrations.

"We are so appreciative of the feeling of family among AIM Members and with the AIM staff," says Edna. "Whether it is a hug from one of the executives, the concern of Elite Services and other staff members, the encouragement of upline Members, or the love and friendship we receive from downline Members, we are a big team all pulling together. We have experienced the support of our AIM family during some very difficult times in our lives and were touched by the people who expressed their happiness for us when we reached the Chairman’s Club. That’s the AIM difference!"

"We thank God for the many blessings we’ve received—for bringing AIM, a company we are proud to represent, into our lives; for two wonderful sons, and now two dear daughters-in-law who support us and help with our accounting and taxes; for dedicated downline Members who share our mission; for the many precious friendships we have made over the years; for the freedom we now have as AIM Members; and for the joy that comes back to us when we focus on making others happy."

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