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Helping Ourselves By Helping Others

Luke and Elke Short

Mount Dora, FL

On Valentine’s Day of 1998, Luke and Elke Short celebrated their thirteenth wedding anniversary with joy and gratitude. Both had lost their spouses—to cancer and a sudden, massive heart attack—and this made them realize that they needed to make changes in their busy and stressful lives.

This did not happen immediately, however. Instead, it was a case of "the third time is a charm." They both had been introduced to AIM Barleygreen on two separate occasions but had not been able to make a decision on using the product. The third time, however, in December of 1987, everything came together.

Elke was juicing fresh, organic vegetables and was teaching others the importance of eating and juicing for wellness. Unfortunately, people did not seem to have the time or energy to do their own juicing, and Elke had been praying for an answer to this dilemma. She received her answer when Karen, one of her reflexology clients, told her about "this strange green stuff, AIM Barleygreen, which was just like juicing without all the work."

Elke agreed to try AIM Barleygreen wholesale to save time and money. She was not interested in a business, since she had a new marriage, a new family, and a full-time job. However, after using the AIM products, Elke and Luke became so excited that they just naturally shared their enthusiasm with their friends. Elke remembers "being surprised when AIM sent us our first check. I didn't know why anybody would pay us for using healthy food. One of my friends threw her first check away thinking it was advertising! That didn’t happen a second time!"

Today, Luke and Elke are active business-builders. They enjoy helping others based on their individual health and financial needs, tell their story, and offer others the opportunity to use products at wholesale prices.

Although Luke and Elke try to meet immediate health needs, they also realize that helping people before a health crisis occurs is important. Their current focus is on teaching people of all ages and occupations the importance of keeping their health by learning and living the Healthy Cell Concept.

They are especially concerned about starting children on the road to good health. As they say, "Our mission is not just to give children Disney World as their dying wish, but to help children grow up to be truly healthy so that they can enjoy the Magic Kingdom with their own children and grandchildren."

Elke and Luke are firm believers in developing relationships and following up. Luke notes that "we are constantly calling customers and our downline, talking to them, and encouraging them. We hold meetings in our home, in the homes of others, and keep an 800 number so people can call in with their questions."

"We teach and help people one at a time or in groups in homes, businesses, or churches. We travel extensively to help others and give presentations. We have journeyed from Florida to New England, to Canada, and on to California to hold meetings. When we travel to AIM events, we like to find out who is in the local area and get together with them and hold meetings. For example, after the coming Celebration ’99! in Baltimore, we are planning a trip along the East Coast and are currently scheduling seminars for the benefit of our downline."

The Shorts especially appreciate and thank AIM, the AIM staff, their many friends and their entire network, without whose loyalty, friendship, and help their current success would have been difficult to attain.

In summary, what has the AIM business meant for them? Elke says it well:

"It’s a special joy to care deeply for families, to give them hope and friendship and offer choices for improving their physical, emotional, social, and financial lives."

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