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Helping Ourselves By Helping Others

Shirley Chang
Shirley Chang
San Francisco, CA

Shirley Chang’s road to the Chairman’s Club began with a quest for health. In 1990, she began to search for ways to help her parents improve their health and for ways to improve her own as well. In 1991, a doctor Shirley knows, Dr. Yeung, introduced her to Barleygreen. This and other AIM products were just what Shirley was searching for. "Dr. Yeung called AIM to find a Chinese sponsor who could mentor us. We needed someone who could teach us more about AIM products," Shirley explains. "AIM found Terry Choy, right here in San Francisco, and both he and Loretta Shu (a member of Terry’s upline) have been wonderful mentors. I, myself, and my downline have received consistent teaching in both product knowledge and sales skills from them."

As a nurse, Shirley is frequently asked for advice about physical discomfort and illnesses. This has provided Shirley an open door for sharing her understanding of how to create and live a healthy lifestyle. "I consider my mission in life to be helping to improve people’s lives through introducing them to AIM products."

As the leader of her AIM organization, Shirley has worked to enrich her own knowledge and skills so that she can lead her downline through example. "I constantly study to obtain a good knowledge of AIM’s products and to adopt a healthy attitude. One way I have done this is by attending AIM’s conventions and every LATS (Local Area Training Seminar) that I can get to. I also recharge and refresh myself every day by reading health-related books, listening to audio tapes, and watching videos like the QVM and AIM training videos."

Shirley has made it her practice to share her know-ledge and experience about both the AIM products and AIM business with her customers and downline. "I have come to realize that the key word in multilevel marketing is ‘duplication,’ " Shirley explains. "I give my downline articles to read, let them use the tapes I have, and help them with their business. But, most of all, I encourage them to attend AIM conventions. Every year I bring several of my downline with me to the convention. Sometimes they win a trip, sometimes they pay their way, and sometimes I help them pay their way. I believe that when they receive information first-hand and meet other Members, what they learn is more real to them. I also try to be an example for them by learning from other Members’ experiences and knowledge. Of course, a convention is also a great place to make many new friends."

Through listening to tapes and watching videos, Shirley began to think about setting goals and set her sights on the Chairman’s Club. "I learned from Ron Price’s training sessions that we need to set goals. So I began using AIM’s day planner a few years ago to set my goals, arrange my daily and weekly activities, and even plan financially. I was amazed that I was able to achieve my goals as I went step by step through the process. Sometimes, I even reached my goals ahead of time! I teach my downline to set their goals, too!"

Now Shirley has reached her goal, the Chairman’s Club! "I want to first thank God for His numerous blessings and for carrying me through the difficulties and obstacles along the way. Secondly, I am thankful to my upline sponsors, Terry Choy and Loretta Shu for their valuable guidance and support (even taking care of my downline when I am not available). I also thank my downline and customers and the many other AIM Members who have shared their experiences with me. Finally, I cannot express how grateful I am to AIM—Dennis Itami, Ron Price, Ron and Opal Wright, Elite Services, Chinese Services, the Order Department, and Distributor Relations—their support and training has brought me into a new era in my life. Now, I can look to the future and set my new goal to make myself and everybody I meet happy, healthy, and wealthy!"

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