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Helping Ourselves By Helping Others

Shaudwreen Chang

Bellevue, WA

"The AIM business has been God's gift to our family in many ways," Chairman's Club Member Shaudwreen Chang explains.

When Shaudwreen's father died of colon cancer at the age of 56, Shaudwreen had no answers, only the conviction that he had died too young--never seeing any of the lovely grandchildren that were to come. This had great impact on Shaudwreen when, ten years ago, she discovered that a previously removed tumor had resurfaced. She found that she still had no answers, even with a degree in food science and nutrition. After being introduced to The AIM Companies, the AIM products and the Healthy Cell Concept™ gave her the vision to see the original way of healing that God intended.

"My first year (1990), I was fortunate to win an Alaskan cruise with AIM. Throughout the cruise, Member after Member shared with me tremendous stories about what AIM Barleygreen™ and the Healthy Cell Concept™ had done in their lives. When I got home, I read everything I could find on AIM Barleygreen™ and natural food. Taking AIM's products and applying the Healthy Cell Concept™ every day changed our whole family's life. Today, we have no medicine in our house--and are all very healthy! This has given me the 'faith to believe' that I have chosen the best way to nourish my family."

Becoming a full-time AIM Member was a big step for Shaudwreen. "I worked for many years as a full-time systems analyst. Three years ago, I gathered up my courage and decided to dedicate my efforts to introducing and educating others to use ultimate nutrients to feed their bodies, making my AIM business my career. Now, I have more time with my family and I can prioritize my own schedule. Network marketing takes hard work and a caring heart to be successful. I am physically healthier, much happier, and more peaceful than I have ever been. I feel so very fortunate to be part of the AIM family."

Although Shaudwreen is the "official" AIM Member in the family, Shaudwreen's husband, Norman; daughters, Gloria and Kimberly; and sisters all support her fully and embrace their healthy lifestyle wholeheartedly.

"Whenever I go to a convention, I try to bring part of my family with me. It is important for them to know why I am so excited about this AIM business and for them to feel a part of it, too. I hope that my children will carry on my business someday and will benefit more people."

"So many people have had a big part in this business. I think that the wonderful people associated with AIM are the real key to my success. I truly feel a special bond with all the Members and staff I have met through the years. We are in 'partnership and friendship for life.' "

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BarleyLife, barley life, barley green powder, herbal fiberblend, fiberblend, colon cleansing, women's health, natural progesterone, hallelujah diet, barleygreen
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