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AIM New Zealand Membership
Save money plus great commission potential !
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All over the world people are turning to good nutritious whole food products for improved health and it is working. People are getting their health back through improved diets and exercise. AIM New Zealand offers the opportunity to get world class products and if desired to earn an income helping others improve their health.

Become an AIM New Zealand Wholesale Member and order product directly from AIM. There is an .

To sign up as an AIM Member please call the AIM office in East Tamaki New Zealand office toll free at 0800-480-333 , tell them you would like to sign up as a member and give them our ID number, 704123 and the name Neal Schiele as your sponsor. The sign up fee is free with orders of $80 or more or $20 with orders under $80. Upon sign up you will receive an a packet of information with an assortment of useful information on AIM, the commission plan, ordering product, building an AIM business and more. Six times a year you'll receive the AIM "Partners" magazine. There is a number of sales tools available from AIM including product data sheets, audio and video tapes and nutritional books. Sign up using my ID number, 704123, and you can be listed here as a contact person for folks wanting product and to become AIM Members in New Zealand.

To become an AIM Wholesale Member the following information is required.
  1. Your Sponsor will be Neal Schiele ID number 704123 (This sponsor info is required to become an AIM Member)
  2. Your name, address and phone number
  3. A Mastercard, or Visa card number, expiration date, and the name on the card.
  4. The shipping address if it is different from your mailing address.
  5. Product can also be ordered when you sign up.

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BarleyLife, barley life, barley green powder, herbal fiberblend, fiberblend, colon cleansing, women's health, natural progesterone, hallelujah diet, barleygreen
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