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Helping Ourselves By Helping Others

Catherine Newsome

Winston-Salem, NC

The end result is helping people

Catherine Newsome became involved with AIM not because she was interested in AIM, but because she wanted to help a friend. In 1987, she was on a cruise and was seated next to AIM Member Janet Pauly for meals. When someone in Janet’s group mixed up some AIM Barleygreen™, Catherine’s natural curiosity was piqued, and she asked about it.

Although Catherine was involved with another network marketing company at the time, when Janet talked about how AIM Barleygreen™ has saved her life, she listened—but not for herself. "I had tunnel vision for this other company at the time, but was interested because I thought it might help a neighbor back home. That’s the only reason I got in."

Catherine took some literature and one of Janet’s tapes for her neighbor. They both began using AIM Barleygreen™ at about the same time, and both of them had spectacular results.

"I had been using alfalfa supplements for my knees, with some results and the AIM Barleygreen™ really made a difference. I was sold on AIM Barleygreen™ and AIM."

Catherine soon gave up the other network marketing company and joined AIM. "While the previous company also sold dietary supplements, I had to work hard and ‘sell’ " them to others. With AIM, I found that the products and their benefits came up naturally while I talked to people—and I am a talker—and they were interested and asked for more information. That’s how it started. Word of mouth. Little by little. It just came."

Catherine had done a little advertising with her first company, and she continued this with AIM. She put a small advertisement in the yellow pages and was amazed at what happened. While her previous ads had generated little response, the AIM Barleygreen™ ad seemed to strike a chord with people, and her phone began ringing. She was on her way to the Chairman’s Club.

After print ads, Catherine ventured into radio. She listens to a local morning wake-up show and knew that the host, Glenn Scott, would do a great ad for AIM Barleygreen™ if he believed in it.

"I called up and asked, and he told me to go to the sales department. But I said, ‘Glenn, you’ve got to try it first. I don’t want you just talking about it, I want you to know firsthand what AIM Barleygreen™ does.

"Glenn agreed to try AIM Barleygreen™ and found that it helped him in his early-morning schedule. Now, he’s also a big AIM Herbal Fiberblend™ user, and introduces me as ‘Catherine Newsome, the Queen of Barleygreen!’ "

Glenn did the ad, and Catherine’s business continued to grow. Since then, Catherine has had AIM Members Mary Ruth Swope, Ph.D.; Janet Pauly, R.N.; Gerald Phillips; John Shewfelt, D.C.; Barbara Noakes; and Charlie Brown on the radio, as well as Dr. Francisco Contreras, M.D.

Catherine attributes her success to what she calls the three Ps: "I pray to ask for God’s help in everything I do. Then comes patience as I plant seeds through sharing with people and waiting for those seed to bring fruit. And finally, perseverance—never give up! That is what I built my business on."

Today, Catherine has a good AIM business of which she is appreciative and proud. "I don’t know of any other way that a woman with no education, who is a widow, and who is 71 years old can make a good living. I don’t know any other way that I could make such a good living and help other people. I feel that I have real friends in my organization. I can’t say enough about Janet Pauly; she is a dear friend and I can’t imagine where I’d be without her. I also have real friends on the AIM staff, the wonderful people who make up Elite Services, and old friends Sandi Funkhouser, Frank Burke, and Marjorie Nava. This has made things wonderful. The AIM business and making the Chairman’s Club has been a pleasure. Every step of the way has been a pleasure. But most of all, I would like to give all the glory to the Lord. He has been the one who has led me through this."

Catherine never loses sight of her main goal—helping others. "The end result is helping people. That’s what it’s all about. I don’t make that much money from my radio ads. But if I help one person, it’s worth it. The Lord has blessed me through this."

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