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Helping Ourselves By Helping Others

Ken and Cheryl Huxter
Ken and Cheryl Huxter
Steady Brook, Newfoundland

Ken and Cheryl’s wealth of experience has been instrumental in helping their AIM distributorship flourish. Married in 1966, Ken and Cheryl raised three children during the 25 and a half years Ken was a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). His duties led the Huxter family to many places including the Arctic, the Yukon, and finally back to Newfoundland.

After the RCMP, the Huxters opened a restaurant. "That’s when we found out what work was all about," Cheryl exclaims. "For the first six months we averaged 19 hours a day at the restaurant."

It was during this very busy time that Ken became concerned for Cheryl’s health. When a friend told him about AIM Barleygreen™, he immediately thought of Cheryl. As her health improved and the rest of the family began taking AIM Barleygreen™, Ken realized that an AIM Barleygreen™ business could be a vehicle to move them away from the restaurant, allow them to work from their home, and have much more time and freedom. The opportunity came at a time when they were ready for a change.

As the Huxters worked at building their AIM business, two things happened. They were able to sell their restaurant and open their bed and breakfast (they live in a beautiful location on the lower Humber River and wanted others to experience it, too), and Ken began to develop a vision for their AIM business.

Ken explains, "I didn’t share all my goals with anyone at first. I was afraid some of them would ‘scare’ people. I did share one goal, that was to sponsor two people a month for five years. Other goals (which I didn’t share) were to raise up two Directors a year for seven years, and to have those Directors spread throughout Eastern Canada (three Directors in Newfoundland, three in the Maritime Provinces, three in Ontario, and three in Quebec). This would give us the Directors we needed to work toward the Chairman’s Club. Eventually, we plan to have three Directors in Europe." And the Huxters have met most of those goals. How did they do it?

To achieve their goals, the Huxters established a simple plan that they could use again and again and could easily teach their downline. They chose three audios, three videos, and three books that they knew well and could use to help people. They also committed themselves to putting out a certain number of brochures a day. Then they stuck with it--reaching people daily with information that they understood and could use effectively. They taught their downline to do the same.

Ken explains, "Even more important than methods or written goals is what is written on our hearts. We call it our ‘personal mission’ and as it evolves we ‘become’ rather than ‘accomplish.’ And our lives as well as our business flourishes.

"Through the years, we have heard many people say, ‘We don’t have time.’ or ‘Our circumstances won’t let us work with this business,’ " Ken says. "When we had the restaurant, we felt the same way, but found that we could do an AIM Barleygreen™ business and help people any time anywhere. It has become part of our lifestyle. We do this business all the time, on vacation, while guiding fishermen on the river, wherever we go. It fits into any circumstance. We really haven’t done anything any one else cannot do. One thing that has helped was our absolute refusal to be distracted by other opportunities, other people, or other ‘things.’ "

Cheryl and Ken both say, "There is tremendous satisfaction in knowing there is a guiding hand helping us help others. We couldn’t be more happy and blessed." Cheryl adds, "Each day I ask God to put someone in our path that we can help in some way. Whether the need is physical, financial, or spiritual, He just keeps bringing people to us. It has been very satisfying because it has met all those needs in us as well as other people." Ken says, "I feel everything I did prior to this prepared me for this vocation. I am happier doing this than anything I have ever done in my life."

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