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Helping Ourselves By Helping Others

George and Muriel McPherson

Stayner, Ontario

George and Muriel McPherson's AIM business is characterized by a listening ear and a caring heart. George and Muriel explain that much of what they demonstrate as Members today, they learned through years of experience as they struggled to restore their daughter Wendy's health.

Wendy was diagnosed with lupus in 1980 while the McPhersons were staff members at Prairie Bible College in Three Hills, Alberta. Physicians prescribed high does of prednisone, but the disease and drugs caused Wendy's kidneys to fail. With Wendy on dialysis, George and Muriel returned home to Stayner, Ontario. The McPhersons began exploring alternative treatments, and while George worked as a journeyman carpenter supervising the building of churches, Muriel opened a small health food store in their home. It was around this time that a friend introduced them to AIM Barleygreen™.

Wendy eventually received a kidney transplant, and for three years (using many health foods including AIM Barleygreen™) she did very well. However, she developed a lung problem that led to the discovery that she had contracted the AIDS virus through a blood transfusion. Muriel says, "She has gone to death's door many times through her ten years of sickness, and each time God gave her back to us. But this time God chose to take her home."

Through this valley in their lives, George and Muriel learned many principles that help them in their AIM business. George explains what they learned:

    1. Herbs and vitamins have a powerful impact on our bodies. Wendy's doctors said that there was no lupus left in her body when she was diagnosed with AIDS.
    2. How to empathize and sympathize with people going through a rough time.
    3. Having a listening ear is important.
    4. People who are ill need a lot of love to help their bodies heal. Love is just as important as medicine.

As the McPhersons put their lives back together, their AIM business grew, and George quit his job to work with Muriel. George says, "It is great to be home and work our business together. What an opportunity we have to work with the many people God brings to us every day. At one training seminar, Ron Price said, 'When you are in sales you listen 90 percent of the time and only talk for 10 percent.' People who are sick need to be able to share where they are physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We need to know how to meet their needs at all three levels."

The McPhersons attribute a great deal of their business growth to giving out free samples, "I like to give a customer a large enough sample to last a week. At the same time, I loan them a book on the product. When they bring the book back in one week, we can talk about any questions they have. A large percentage of them buy the products." George adds, "We have found that this takes the pressure off us to sell and off the customer to buy. It also helps to build trust between the customers and ourselves."

"The greatest blessing of all in this business," say the McPhersons, "is the 'friends for life' that you meet. Our sponsors, Edna and Hilton Smith, have stood behind us all the way to Chairman's Club. We work together on meetings, newsletters, and even order our books together in bulk, cutting the price for both of us. It is wonderful to have a great sponsor to help us."

The McPhersons would also like to extend a "big thank you" to their many great friends in their downline. The McPhersons' next goal? To help all of their Directors reach the Chairman's Club.

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