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Helping Ourselves By Helping Others

Terry and Jean Choy
Terry and Jean Choy

It was a Christmas gift that started Terry and Jean Choy on their road to the Chairman’s Club. In 1990, a relative gave Terry and Jean two jars of Barleygreen for Christmas. Although skeptical, they both began using it and were pleased with the renewed energy they experienced.

"I began selling Barleygreen to my close friends and family just to earn enough to pay for our Barleygreen usage," Terry explains. "I wasn’t really thinking about building an organization until a neighbor came to me and asked to become an AIM Member. A doctor had told him that everyone should take Barley-green. He was so enthusiastic that his business began to grow rapidly. I thought I’d better keep up, so when he began running with his business I began running and building my business in earnest!" Terry studied and compared many other green food products and came to the conclusion that "After many comparisons, Barleygreen proved to be the best. I could promote it with complete confidence."

Terry, a supervisor in the inspection department of a major airline, and Jean, a teacher, enjoy their careers, but find the AIM business an added dimension to their lives. Jean comments, "I have been working with young children for my whole teaching career. I found I had a tendency to catch the flu regularly, but now I only see the doctor for yearly checkups. More than that I feel Barleygreen is a blessing from the Lord because it has brought both health and friendships, plus the challenge of helping others."

Terry adds, "I feel AIM’s mission and core values are significant. Improving the quality of people’s lives has become our major focus. If it isn’t going to improve quality of life, we don’t do it!"

Terry has worked hard to help his downline Members improve the quality of their lives. His network of more than 450 active Members, including two Chairman’s Club Members, five Elite Directors, and 62 Directors in his first through sixth generations, is a tribute to his commitment to improving the quality of others’ lives. "I advise my Members to be single-minded; to focus on what really gives them joy in their AIM business, and not to get distracted by other things," Terry explains.

Becoming a Chairman’s Club Member seemed like an unreachable dream when Terry began actively working his AIM business. "I went to the conventions and saw people inducted into the Chairman’s Club, but thought it was not possible for me." But after two to three years in the business, Terry’s dream became a goal. Still not confident he could achieve his goal, Terry attended the Toronto, Ontario, regional convention in 1994. "Simon Léger was my roommate. When the day came to leave, I found a note on my luggage from Simon that said, ‘Terry—about the Chairman’s Club—You can do it!!’ When Jean saw the note, she enthusiastically agreed. With people believing in me, I decided I could do it and began working hard to reach the Chairman’s Club." That note, which Terry has kept as an inspiration and memory of Simon (who passed away two years ago), was the catalyst for Terry’s final push for the Chairman’s Club.

The past twelve months were not easy, Terry says. "The last year makes me think of a time when I climbed the Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. The last portion is a grueling climb up a rock face with the aid of two, cable handrails. All your muscles begin to burn, and you just have to go on. But when you get to the top, you forget all the effort. It’s GREAT! That’s the way I feel about reaching the Chairman’s Club."

For Terry and Jean, the difference between climbing the Half Dome and reaching the Chairman’s Club is that on top of the Half Dome you stop, enjoy the view, and rest. Terry and Jean do not see reaching the Chair-man’s Club as a time to rest. "Now is the time to press forward. I do not want to lose the momentum we have built over the last year. Now is the time to reach out to more people than ever before," Terry exclaims.

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